The Project

Established in 2018, Project Freedom was launched in recognition of the need, identified through local and national consultation, of a lack of appropriate housing with integrated extra care and support for the older LGBT+ community. Our vision, aims and goals were formulated in response to this.

Why Project Freedom?

In 2016, Leeds Community Foundation and Leeds City Council commissioned a report to ‘map’ the needs of the LGBT+ community in the city. Two key recommendations from this report were:

  1. The need for an ‘inclusive LGBT+ community centre’
  2. To ‘develop a LGBT+ housing project that is multi-generational supporting the needs of older and younger LGBT+ people in Leeds’

Stonewall drew similar conclusions in their report, and these are echoed in studies  in the UK and internationally, recommending bespoke housing and support for the older LGBT+ community.

Find out more about the history of Project Freedom here.

Lets Get Building Together

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the creation of a vibrant and sustainable LGBT+ community in central Leeds where LGBT+ people can live, work and enjoy life independently through:

Terms of Reference

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